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Bansbach easylift is a world renowned manufacturer of gas springs. The company has been designing and manufacturing all types of gas springs for over 40 years. The company was founded in 1919 and was engaged in the production of stamping tools. Over time, the company has developed into a worldwide supplier. Since 1994, the Singapore branch has become the main branch in Asia.

Today the headquarters of the company is located in Lorch, Germany, the director is Mr. Thomas Weiß. Bansbach has a research center and a test laboratory, which enables the company to improve its technology and product quality. The company is constantly offering the world market a range of innovations in the field of "easylift" ("easy lifting").

Main objectives: to meet the requirements of customers by providing quality and reliable products and professional advice. The company tries to avoid inaccuracies and errors in the development and manufacture of products, thereby excluding the correction of defects.

Features: high-quality standard of manufactured products, quality begins with contact, with customers, products undergo strict control from design to production, and finally distribution, in addition, the company is engaged in servicing and creating jobs in its offices in Germany. In addition, the gas springs are of the highest quality and are made from environmentally friendly materials. The company is certified QSF-B / AS9100 prEN 9100 by the German aviation industry, which is also an indicator of the high quality of the products. Bansbach is the only gas spring manufacturer to receive this certificate.

Gas Springs Advantages:

  • high resistance to corrosion;
  • minimal friction;
  • high wear resistance;
  • increased service life;
  • protection against vibration and light side forces;
  • integrated lubrication chamber;

A wide range of products, which has expanded significantly over the past years. The company produces:

  • gas springs;
  • lockable gas springs;
  • dampers;
  • retraction gas springs;
  • mechanical components;
  • easymotion hydraulic linear actuators;
  • others.

Applications of products:

  • Automotive industry;
  • furniture manufacturing;
  • medical industry;
  • aviation;
  • a lot of others.
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